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Change how you feel instantly from the inside out.

I can help you feel better, by releasing those stuck negative emotions, therefore changing your default or habitual patterns that keep you where you are. Guiding you to another perspective, changes how you react to situations and people. My Emotional Release works, even if you’re not aware of where or when the feelings started (most people don’t). A quick and simple method changes how you’re feeling now, to how you want to feel today. No coping strategies, no homework, no effort. This is both instant, easy and lasting.    ​

Life Changing Solutions 

Emotions and Thoughts combine to create a perspective of ourselves, changing either does not change who we are, but frees us to release what we want to let go of. 
What if change was easy and instant?

Sound to good to be true?

I have helped countless people let go of negative emotions, and change their lives.

Take action to change your life today, contact me. 

Changing how you feel, changes everything

I can help you: Feel good, Improve your Health, Improve your confidence and self-esteem, Improve your energy and productivity. Become calmer and in more control and Find yourself, know yourself and understand yourself?

My technique is different, it’s not counselling, it’s not hypnotherapy, it is unique. My technique (Emotional Release ER) is simple effective and lasting, clients call it “Life Changing”. Changing the foundation or root cause of an emotion, changes how you feel today. Let go of the baggage you’ve carried around for years, it’s not always yours.  


Age is no barrier, I have clients from 18-80, who share comments such as, “life is easier” and “I’m happier in my own skin” and “why didn’t I do this years ago”.

Di will compassionately guide you to change your emotional reaction either as you feel now or with  your responses to unchangeable circumstances.

Change how you feel instantly from the inside out.


"Misophonia is a condition whereby certain sounds provoke a strong, negative, emotional reaction. These trigger sounds are often related to the mouth such as eating, slurping, chewing, talking while eating and so on"


Paul tells his story of Misophonia, a life long condition that no longer affects him.

A year on his life has changes significantly. 

"I’ve learnt so so much from the zoom calls, which has helped me with things I didn’t even realise I needed help with. I now look at life from a different perspective. I feel “lighter” - perhaps it’s getting rid of all my baggage. As you say - life is easier. " (Marion 2021)


Psoriasis is a skin condition that you may of heard of and many more suffer with on a daily basis, Carlie contacted us and after 3 sessions had seen remarkable effects of our technique that Di talked her through.  Releasing negative emotions has a physical impact on the body.. See for yourself. 



After 3 Sessions


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