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To support anyone seeking change by learning about themselves in order that they can intentionally be who they choose to be.

Disclaimer; We at supporting change now, do not give advice, we are not medical professionals, psychiatric professionals or counsellors. We do not judge you nor do we want to change any aspect about you. The information and techniques are to help you to change what you want to change.

Diane Merrick founder of supporting change now and author of It Will Come To You, present the entire contents of this website for educational purposes only. The author and any representatives are not trained medical or psychiatric professionals, nor do they replace any professionals. The information is not intended to replace or diagnose any medical or psychological conditions, nor to claim to treat, prevent, alleviate or cure any conditions. In presenting this information no attempt is being made to provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals nor to apply any medical, mental health or human development principles for any physical or psychiatric conditions. Any techniques that the author addresses whether on the website or other media or resources only pertain to energetic/spiritual issues that may affect well-being.   

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