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About Di

Di Merrick

A nurtured religious childhood gave me love and stability, then with a desire for independence and money I left school and began my work-life. Career after career was accomplished and then left behind as my need for change continued to keep my mind active. As the years rolled by I married and became a mum. This lead to another opportunity to change direction, so after the birth of my son I went back to education and achieved a first class honours degree in primary education.


Little was I aware at the time when I chose to live in a rural county in England that the house move was to change not only my lifestyle but my life. I was born in the neighbouring county and never felt the urge to live in the bustle of city life. Family, green fields and animals were my whole purpose until, one day, ~that Life Changing experience~ lead me to perceive my whole reality in a totally different way. I needed help. I turned to the why question – Why Me? My quest for answers and understanding led me to who I am today. I am an individual and in control of my life. I am here sharing my ‘How to’ with you. I learnt about myself and how much control I had over every aspect of my life and possibly more importantly what I could do to initiate change.


Changing one aspect in many ways had a domino effect, releasing an emotional default in one area positively affected another. This drove the analytical me to question further and explore what else was possible. I let go of limitation and beliefs that held me and life became easy. I developed my awareness of energy and formulated my technique, Emotional Release (ER) that releases the negative emotional patterns that are often hidden. Sharing my understanding and processes with others lead me to write my book, ‘It Will Come To You’, and formulate the workshops and processes to empower others. My passion is to support You to feel better and change any aspect of your life, easily and instantly.

Diane Merrick
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