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Supporting Change

Internally                Externally                Ultimately 

To support anyone seeking change by learning about themselves

in order that they can intentionally be who they choose to be.

Stress Relief

We do not all aspire to being rich or famous, but we ALL aspire to being


How can Supporting Change help you?


Supporting Change can help you feel better

Supporting Change can help you change the way you react

Supporting Change teaches you how you can change your life.



“I didn’t realise that it was even possible to feel like this.” Beverley U. 


We do not want to change anyone, however, we are here to support you to change, without judgement, without criticism. Any aspect of your life can change when you have the appropriate information and support. We have formulated a verity of techniques and exercises so that the process is easy. Understanding yourself helps you change any aspect that you want to change.


What if I don’t know what I need?

Learning about yourself brings an awareness of what you want. Simple techniques guide you to knowing what is right for you. If you are happy with anything, why would you change it? If you feel there is something but you’re not sure what, the answer will come to you. We can help you change anything by teaching you how life works; we have formulated processes to support anyone seeking change whether that is improved health, better finances or fulfilling relationships. We teach you that when you are looking at a problem the solution cannot come forward. We teach you that when you feel poorly how you can focus on your recovery? We support you to consider what energy is surrounding you both within and without. 

HERT  'Hidden Energy Release Technique'

Our Hidden Energy Release Technique (HERT) is simple, effective and lasting. It guides you to find your hidden patterns that are holding you back, giving you control and allowing you to let go of the sub-conscious root cause. When the reaction isn’t there, how can you react? Changing energy patterns in your life facilitates what you want to come to you.

Fear (FERT)

We can sometimes  build energies around us that we perceive protects us keeping us from harm or blocking out memories; these energies surround us, they hold us from moving forward. When we let go of the fear within us we can build strong energies that empower us. Our Fear Energy Release Technique (FERT) supports you to let go of hidden patterns easily and effectively.

Anger. (AERT)

Sometimes the energy of anger is within us. We may perceive we are not an angry person and yet react to situations with anger, for example road rage. Anger causes us to react to situations which can often hide solutions. Our Anger Energy Release Technique (AERT) supports you to let go of the energy inside you so that you can be in control of the way you feel.

What can Supporting Change help you change?

Often, you are not aware of what you want to change. Sometimes you feel lost or stuck and don’t know where to start. You know when you’re not happy – or do you? You may want to change how someone treats you or change your health or change your financial situation. All of these may appear separate issues but there is one common denominator – you. Learning about yourself is the key to self-control in all areas of your life. When you know yourself you can change any aspect. Even being told that you’re not good at something as a child (being judged) can start a pattern that is held decades later. Everything that has happened in your life is re-writable, not the memory or the event but the way you feel about the situation. When you are being judged you are also judging yourself. You can not change someone else, you can only change yourself. 

You may question:

Why do some people have carefree lives whilst others continually struggle?

Why do some succeed whilst others do not?

Why is it so difficult to release stress? how much impact does it have on a body?

Why do you worry?

Do you feel judged?

Why isn’t there enough money?

Why do you feel alone?

Why does no one care about how you feel?

Why do you lack confidence?

Do you listen to another person’s opinion and perceive it to be true?

How can Supporting Change help to support you?


Firstly, we will not tell you what to change or when to change. We support you in finding your trigger, you may make an assumption that it is there forever, you may say we cannot change the past, this is not the case, you can change the way you feel about the past, you can let it go. You are always in control, we support you by giving information and techniques so that change is simple and lasting. This is not positive thinking, although this is one avenue that we support. Do not allow another person’s opinion to decide what is right for you. We do not give advice, we are not counsellors, we help you learn about yourself. Learning why you react towards something; learning why that habit exists or why the same situations occur is personal to you.

When can Supporting Change help you to change?


Whether you are reading this page at the time of writing or a date in the future you are reading it now. We think in the moment, we can remember the past, we can look forward to the future, but we do it now. Now is the moment of doing, thinking and taking action; the action might only be a thought or the start of a course or the decision to change. Today is important, today brings the potential for change. 



We provide information on this website.

You may wish to attend a workshop.

The Energy Release Techniques are available on audio download.

Exercises and strategies have been written to support change.

My Book – ‘It Will Come to You’ has been written to support understanding.

We have an interactive Facebook page.

We have a members’ page where feedback is provided.

Or Contact us for a private consultation with either Diane or Nicky.

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