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Supporting Change


It's my aim to support you to let go of the unwanted in your life, whether that is feelings, health, finances, or a life change.

I guide you through my proprietary process called Emotional Release, it is instant, simple AND lasting. 


Over 2/3 of illness is due to deep routed negative emotional holds, but most of us are not aware of them until you do the work to find yourself.

That is exploring the habitual patterns, the reactions to others and situations, the guilt, the anger, the fear and so much more. 

Sometimes there may be things relating to manifestation; we can all find ourselves stuck in life and seeking change. 


Workshops in person. 

We at Supporting Change are happy to come to your area within the United Kingdom.

Send us an email of interest and we will let you know when our next available workshop is in your area.  

Contact us for details of hosting an event near you. 


Workshops we present.

Life Changing Solutions - Truly a Life Changing event, learning about yourself and how to change how you feel instantly. 

A day full of learning where we teach you the Emotional Release process,

Meditation and understanding yourself without judgment.  


Supporting Change at work - for business clients - details available upon request.

Money Workshops - A personal workshop that explores your beliefs regarding money, where they are held and techniques to facilitate change. 

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