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The Supporting Change audio programme has been created to support those that experience an element of fear, anger, stress or a need for calm. It is not intended to replace other professional or medical treatments or medications. The techniques support you to reduce or let go of emotional reactions in your life. They were created as a quick process to facilitate calm so the mental process can resume control.


Reflecting on how you feel or what you want to change in your life is personal to you. The techniques are easy to follow and once practiced can be used daily if required. These techniques complement the Emotional Release technique, they do not replace it.


As with All the techniques from Supporting Change, we ask you to follow the guidance for optimum success. We believe that when energy is released it should be replaced, choosing what feels right for you with the words or feelings that you want allows you to be control of how you feel.


Fear Release

This audio has been devised to support those that have an energy of fear which is restricting them from letting go. There are many perceptions of Fear, a phobia or a triggered reaction perhaps; you might be afraid of something for example, flying, fear of the dark, snakes, or perhaps fear of heights to name a few. When considering Fear as an energy it is more significant. You may choose to use a different label or word (frustration or anxiety), the label is unimportant it is the emotion you are looking for.  


The energy of fear could mean you are afraid of moving forward, or of letting go, perhaps you might be internally asking, “what if?”. You might fear you lose something when you let go or fear you may not like who or what you find. This emotion is restrictive. Life moves forward each day, the calendar shows us that, when we move forward we open up possibilities that were hidden from us. When you let go of what you don’t want, you are always more. Think of lighting a match in a dark cave the light from the match magnifies out far more than the area of the flame. Similarly, when you let go of fear the person who you really are comes forward, there is good in everyone the envelope of darkness or fear covers the light when it’s gone you can shine.  



It may be beneficial for you to consider fear as a cloak, you may feel that it is a cloak of protection, you may feel that it keeps you from experiencing the same situations again. This cloak covers who you are. Hiding from something does not keep it away, letting go of something releases the connection. Changing the way you feel nurtures self-empowerment, confidence and ultimately a deeper understanding of yourself.


This Supporting Change process is under your control, you decide when and how much you are ready to let go of. You can revisit the process whenever you choose.  



Anger Release

Anger is another emotion that you may not be aware of. You might not be walking around each day shouting of your disgust or having a toddler tantrum in the shopping aisle, it is not always that obvious. Some of you may hold Anger towards someone and justify yourself as they hurt you physically or emotionally. Some of you may not be aware of anger as perhaps years ago an unfairness or event brought a huge wave of Anger that has been forgotten or covered over. Similar energies can bind together and form this prickly/confused/heated energy within you. The Anger Release is not as lasting as the Emotional release but it is quick and effective in understanding yourself and letting go. Whether you use it as a daily technique to bring control back or follow the process to see if you hold anger it is a quick and easy process.     


These techniques use colour, which is always your interpretation, you may see the colour, hear the colour or ‘know’ the colour. If you repeat this process, often the colour changes as it is the frequency of energy that you are releasing which is represented as a colour.



Stress Release

A quick solution to release stress and feel calmer. The technique is designed to support you to change the way you feel in the moment. Again, when practiced this process can be done anywhere with your eyes open (please not when you’re driving or operating machinery). It is important to follow the process for optimum results as the energy/emotion you release should be replaced with how you want to feel – calm, peaceful etc. I ask that when you exhale you breathe deeper or for a longer period than when you inhale; if the rhythm doesn’t feel comfortable then replace with one of the other breathing suggestions.


And Breathe

The final Supporting Change process on this audio program are breathing techniques. Your breath is your life force and yet it is often ignored or dismissed as insignificant. Using your breath as a focus for connecting to yourself provides the connection to your inner you, where your mind is often too busy or cluttered to access. Our process suggests patterns or rhythms for breathing however, there are many others and we suggest that you chose a method to suit you.


Distracting your mind from consistent dominating thoughts is often seen as an obstacle for many people. I have found that counting your breath gives the conscious mind something to focus on. I suggest you keep your natural rhythm of breathing as changing your rhythm can cause stress or anxiety, so if your breath is shallow count faster, if your breath is long and deep count for longer. You know the strengths and weaknesses of your own body even if your conscious mind does not. Listen to what is right for you. This breathing focus is about relaxation.


Many excuses are made that there isn’t enough time to meditate or enough time to focus on yourself or ‘me-time’. It takes approximately 3 minutes to boil a kettle, we suggest that time could be used to connect with yourself via one of these simple breathing processes. Or you may like to focus on your breathing whilst taking a shower, or walking or when on the bus or train, you can integrate these techniques into your daily life.


The breathing techniques are also beneficial if you are finding difficulty sleeping. Forget the sheep, count your breath. Music helps many people. a moment of time spent relaxing not only relaxes the body it also relaxes your mind.


 © Diane Merrick – Supporting Change 2018

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