The start of change.


When we wish to improve or change something in our lives it is necessary to reflect on our thinking. Reflecting upon your predominant thoughts provides the opportunity to change. It is impossible to monitor every thought that we have each day, there are millions of them, but we can notice the repeated thoughts or how they make us feel. A repeated thought becomes a belief; when we believe something, it has more power than a random thought.


Thoughts are energy. The power of thought, the power of the spoken word. Words are the projection, the manifestation of your thoughts.  When someone says  “I love you”, how does that make you feel? When someone says “you’re useless” how does that make you feel?  Words provide clues to how you feel inside. Learning the power that thoughts have and using that power to actively change what we want to change has limitless potential for each of us.


When thoughts are repeated they form a belief; a belief in dysfunction, a belief in lack, a belief in wellness, a belief in abundance. Our thoughts send silent messages to us, and if they are verbalised we hear them as they generate sound vibration, repeated enough we believe our self and this forms who we think we are. This is how failure is changed to success. Thoughts can also send energy out, so when success and confidence are thought about others are drawn to that energy, others feel the confidence that you give out. This is one way that your thoughts can affect your environment and circumstances and colleagues around you.


So Why do some people have carefree lives whilst others continually struggle?

There are many reasons but many would argue that they were born privileged or nurtured in a loving home. And yet not all born into affluent families realise untroubled lives and some who are nurtured within loving families struggle with daily life. Fundamentally it is who you feel inside that reflects what you see outside.



Why is it difficult to release stress?

We all react differently to situations. Some dismiss events whilst others experience an emotional impact. When we feel a negative reaction, it is evidence that it is not what we want. Learning to let go of the reaction reduces stress.

The impact on a physical body is individual. How do you react? Does your temperature raise, do you want to physically move? Where do you feel tension in your body? Do you find it easy or is it difficult to let tension go? 

When stress is within us we may look at ignoring the situation, we may move or change our environment, but these triggers highlight how we feel inside. Finding the trigger within you and changing the energy of the root cause is real change.


You cannot change others, only yourself, when you don’t react there is nothing to react to. Changing yourself reflects outwards, therefore others will perceive you differently. When you change so that you feel better, or so that you can do something you want to, this is real empowerment. It is not selfish because others benefit from the self-confident you. The difference where you may be selfish is when you take action to intentionally harm others. When you shine others want what you have, we all want to feel good.

“Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you’re right.” Henry Ford.

When we believe something as true, it forms an opinion of who we think we are. So, whether a belief is positive or negative we prove it to ourselves. Whichever words you choose, “I can” or “I can’t” your truth will be.

I can’t do that – and you prove it

I can do that – and you prove it


Truth however, is personal. Not everyone holds the same truth. Truth is evidence of our belief. If we change our thoughts and repeat those thoughts then we change our beliefs and when evidence confirms our belief we change our truth. This is knowing yourself. Do not confuse this with the thoughts and beliefs of others, they have their own choice. When you know yourself, an understanding grows this allows others to have their own truth, their belief, their opinion. This can only impact on you if you allow it, when you know yourself you can decide. This allows you to unfold the possibilities that lie dormant within you, it reveals the limitless potential available to you. Knowing

yourself is not magic or deception, knowing what is right for you strengthens all aspects within you. When we become aware of our conscious thinking we can change the subconscious reactions.

What is your running commentary about your life?

Begin to take notice of what you focus on?

What do you hear when others are talking?

Do you surround yourself with negative thinkers?

Do you surround yourself with happy vibrant people?

What words do you hear as you walk down the street?

Do you hear the arguments at work?

Do you hear the chaos around you?

What memories do you recall? Are they of happy times? Or times when life was difficult?

What do you watch on television?

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?

Do you hear the birds singing?

Do you hear laughter?

Do you see people holding hands with affection?

These are the clues to what your internal dialogue is saying.

Our thoughts will combine with other similar thoughts.

What is inside you is a mirror of what is outside you.

Change from within and you change what surrounds you.

We are all free to think, even a prisoner are free to think. We are all free to choose how we feel. Changing how you feel about something is often the challenging part, which is why the HER energy techniques have been formed.


When we become aware of our conscious thinking

we can change the subconscious reactions.

Do you have control of your life, or are you firefighting each day?


Energy links to Energy.

Kindness and compassion costs nothing

Expressing that from within you, connects you to others and it is magnified.

Changing how you feel changes the reaction of those around you.

Mission statement


Our vision is for everyone to feel better about themselves and live a life of freedom.

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