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Easy, beneficial Change.


It may seem untrue or unrealistic when you are told that anything can change, because what you’ve already experienced has happened, however you can Always change how you feel about the past, which enables you to let go of repeated cycles. Ignoring, denying, covering up or looking away from what you don’t like doesn’t remove the event or how you feeling, it just takes it out of focus. Just because you’re not focussed on something doesn’t mean it’s not there. Emotions unlike feelings can lay dormant, slowly building momentum until you feel stuck in your life. Finding the root cause, the trigger is key to releasing the layers of unwanted emotions. Changing the emotion removes the reaction, when there is nothing to connect to change is easy.


Some people attract success and wealth, others conquer illness, addictions or overcome great difficulty. Why do some accomplish easily, others with difficulty and others fail? If the cause was academic then only scholars or professors would be successful and wealthy; if the cause was physical then only supreme athletes would succeed. The mind must be the sole difference. So why can positive thinking be difficult? Because the emotions and intertwined with thoughts and unless you change both, lasting change is difficult to achieve.


Negative emotions such as stress and anxiety

We all react differently to situations. Some dismiss events whilst others experience an emotional impact. When you feel a negative reaction, it’s confirming what you don’t want. Learning to let go of the reaction reduces stress.

The impact on a physical body is individual. How do you react? Does your temperature raise, do you want to physically move or run away? Where do you feel tension in your body? Do you find it easy or is it difficult to let tension go? 

When you’re experiencing stress or anxiety, it is tempting to ignore situation, or to run away often changing your environment, but these emotions are how you feel inside. Finding the trigger within you and changing the energy of the root cause is real change.


Considering life as energy; science tells us that energy cannot be destroyed it can only be changed. Let’s consider the three main categories of life: Health, Wealth, Love – because when you have all three of these you want for nothing.


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The Energy of Health:


When energy flows there is not restriction, take water for example, when the energy of water flows down a stream it is constantly moving. When a log or obstacle is put across it, resistance is the result. Some parts of the water need to redirect to find flow again. If the log is placed along rapids, the momentum of the water creates powerful resistance. If the log is placed on a slow-moving stream the effect is not so obvious as less momentum is flowing.


When our bodies are in good health, they are flowing with good energy. If we catch a cold it has little effect and a short rest will allow recovery to be swift. Our cells are vibrant with little restriction and any invaders are soon dealt with.


When our bodies lack health, there is already resistance present. Negative emotion is resistance. Tiredness is resistance. Consider an obstacle like the common cold, recovery can take considerably longer when resistance is present. We may take medication which tries to divert the resistance, this can be effective whist the body brings the flow of energy back. However, sometimes lots of medication can confuse a body which again slows recovery. Sometimes our body is reacting to the energy of negative experiences. Positive thinking helps energy to flow, but sometimes we have contradictory thoughts which slow the process.


‘We are what we eat’, is a saying that is often said. This does not imply that fruitarians look like their favourite fruit, or vegetarians look like vegetables. When food is grown in the soil, it contains more energy than processed foods. It is nurtured from the warmth of the sun; it drinks the rain and utilises the nutrients from the soil. When we grow food ourselves we put our attention on it, watering it, nurturing it, taking pride in the quality of the produce. Food is energy. What quality of energy do you put into your body? Do you listen to your body? Our digestive system can provide feedback on what our body needs or rejects. Often what we crave is not what we need. Our body lasts us a lifetime whether that is in good health or not. Be proactive, be active – all energy likes to flow.



The Energy of Wealth:


Money is a necessity of life; we all need it. In today’s society we cannot survive without it. It is an emotive subject whether you’ve experienced debt or financial riches; it is a part of life where much judgment can be found. Not all of us want to be millionaires however, it can be argued that we all want to be in control of our finances?  


Considering money as energy can remove the emotional attachment that many of us have towards it. When the bills arrive, do you revel in the excitement that you have enough money to pay them, do you dread their arrival, or do you hide them? When you are in control of your finances and learn how money comes to you then you are in balance. When you spend more money than you receive you are out of balance, when you look at work and see competition as negative you are out of balance. Money comes into your life and goes out, money in – money out. Managing the cycle of money with your mind and energy brings you into balance.


Money is a chocolate bar.

Let’s say it’s lunchtime and you’ve worked hard and want a boost of energy. You go to the shop, select your chocolate bar which is filled with sugar and calories. At the counter the shop assistant asks for the money which you exchange for the chocolate bar. You eat the chocolate bar and this gives you a boost of energy. You have exchanged your time and physical energy at work for money, you have chosen to use some of that money to purchase a chocolate bar so that you have more energy to work and therefore earn more money.


When we look at lack, we are focusing on not enough. If you feel you lack something how can you connect to the energy of having it in your experience? Sometimes we trick our minds by using credit cards or loans so that we can have what we want. This is still out of balance. The money workshop courses are designed to support you in understanding how money works and your personal relationship of how you feel about money. These are often linked with experiences or nurturing as a child. Learning about yourself enables you to let go of other people’s perception so that money can flow to you.


Thoughts are key, if you are in debt and say you cannot pay the bills, you restrict money coming to you.  If you wish for abundance and think or say you cannot afford it, you are holding yourself away from the energy of abundance, you are held in a pattern of contradiction. There is no need to purchase everything you want, but thinking differently, thinking abundance facilitates change.  Words are living messages. Spending money that you haven’t got isn’t success. Changing the way you think and feel and allowing possibilities to come to you brings change. Learning about your inner thoughts and beliefs about money is key to changing your finances.



The Energy or Love


We all want to be loved, it is human nature. Whether you have been in love or felt the love of a pet or animal, the energy of love is almost tangible. It is arguably the most powerful energy of all. And yet so many people feel alone and unloved, but you can be alone in a crowded room. Finding love starts with you.


There are countless reasons why we find disruptive relationships or feel lack of this powerful emotion, all of them are individual to you. It is easy to blame others for not caring, for providing bad service, for being rude or any reason why blame or judgment is present with our interactions with others. The answers to why you connect with these relationships or situations lie within you, because you are reacting. Our experiences throughout our life are a significant factor in how we feel and interact with others. We might have confidence on the outside but inside feel unworthy. We might be guarded after an unsuccessful relationship which blocks a fulfilling relationship coming to us.  Not all of us want a partner to share our life with, but whether you choose a solitary life or a social life being respected for who you are brings self-worth. We can support you to develop self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth.


The energy of love is not just for relationships, when we find that energy within us, we shine. Loving yourself is not advocating an over active ego, finding the self-worth within you connects you with others and this energy expands. Work relationships flourish, you get good service everywhere you go, people want to be around you. There is a confidence of knowing that you are worthy, your opinion matters; finding value within yourself allows others to see it in you.


Life revolves around not only how we feel but on how we interact with others. When sadness is present within us, we sub-consciously block others from us and this energy swirls around us. There are times in life when it is natural, part of the process of living, but when sadness is held cycles can occur creating energy around you that is difficult to let go of. However, this can change.


Kindness is an energy of respect, it flows, it is powerful. There is a saying that, ‘what you give out you get back’, this has many misconceptions. Energy that is sent out may not return instantly. The example of water once more, rain that falls to the ground may flow towards a river and the ocean, as it drifts towards warmer waters it evaporates and forms clouds. When the wind blows and enough water is present it will rain once more. When energy is sent out either positive or negative it will return to you, perhaps in a different form or at a different time. Take notice of what you are predominantly focussing on in your daily life because what you are currently experiencing provides clues to your past thinking and feelings. Therefore, what you are thinking and feeling today is planting the seeds of what comes to you tomorrow.  


When you have the energy within you, anger or kindness it links with another. You link with the energy you have within you. If everyone shared the energy of kindness or compassion what would your life be like?

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