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Emotional Release

The proprietary process that I developed to change emotions, easily, instantly and lastingly is known as Emotional Release. 

Please note that these techniques are not intended to replace other professional or medical treatments or medications. I do not give advice or counselling, but support you to find the root cause of unwanted conditions. Following the technique enables you to change how you feel, et go of those unwanted emotions and replace them with wanted emotions.


Reflecting on how you feel or what you want to change in your life is personal to you.  This process supports anyone, whether you were aware of the root cause or not.


How does it work?

The Emotional Release process guides you to locate the root cause of a situation. Any negative feelings within you started somewhere. Whether they are linked with physical issues, relationships, a situation yourself or other people, changing the emotion allows you to move on. This does not condone any actions, words or deeds done to you, but you are holding the emotional attachment.

As with All the techniques from Supporting Change, we ask you to follow the guidance for optimum success. We believe that when energy is released it should be replaced, choosing what feels right for you with the words or feelings that you want allows you to be control of how you feel.

You cannot delete a memory; you are either not focussed on it by ignoring it or looking at something else so it is not active. Ignoring something does not change the way you feel. Feelings build momentum. When the feeling is changed, the memory of the experience remains but the reaction is lessened or not there, in time the memory often fades. It is a simple technique where you are in control, you decide what you are ready to change.


You don’t need a memory

It may seem hard to believe that it’s not necessary to remember where the root cause or the original feeling started. This is not counselling, the energy or the emotion is important not the event. I have different approaches / methodology to help you locate the hidden default pattern within you.  

I don’t know how to describe what I feel

The description doesn’t always matter, connecting with the energy that presents itself and finding the root cause brings release. However, I suggest that you use a label to describe the feeling as this brings the energy forward for you to recognise change. This is not a feeling of pain as pain is experienced on a physical level. Look for an emotional feeling. It is not usually beneficial to release good or comfortable feelings, search for what you don’t want or don’t like.

Why does my root cause go so far back?

When we are children our life is nurtured by those around us who care for us, feed us, teach us etc. Until children develop reason their truth is formed by the truth of those around them. It can be perceived perhaps like a survival instinct, but in reality, it is more complex. But what is true for you as a child can remain all your life unless you change it. Let’s say for example, you were told that you were no good at reading, or that you were useless. Then as an adult, you could experience lack of self-worth or self-esteem. Or what might be an insignificant shock / fright as you learned to cross the road as a child, can result in lacking confidence or fear of …. The fear that you are experiencing now doesn't always correlate with the root cause, that is it's not always the same fear. For example, a lady came to me lacking confidence and fearful when horse riding, her root cause was on a playground when she was 5 years old playing on the merry-go-round. It is the emotional link that is important, your conscious mind doesn't usually know because the experience is often filed away in memory. Many emotional roots are found in childhood, the default patterns that remain your truth.

How many times can I follow the Supporting Change Energy Release process?

Firstly, there is not limit of what is possible to change. The process works repeatedly, but i always suggest processing time, only work on one aspect to change and then perhaps at the beginning allow a week or more between sessions.

© Diane Merrick – Supporting Change 2018

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