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The Supporting Change audio programme has been created to support you to let go of the holding patterns in your life. It is not intended to replace other professional or medical treatments or medications (please read our terms and conditions before purchase). It supports you to find the root cause of unwanted conditions and how to let them go.

Reflecting on how you feel or what you want to change in your life is personal to you.  This process supports anyone, whether you were aware of the root cause or not; alternatively, the process also helps you if you just want to feel better.

How does it work?

The HERT process is an audio that guides you to locate the root cause of a situation. Any negative feelings within you started somewhere. Changing the way you feel about a memory or event lets it go. You cannot delete a memory, you are either not focussed on it by ignoring it or looking at something else so it is not active. Ignoring something does not change the way you feel. Feelings build momentum. When the feeling is changed, the memory of the experience remains but the reaction is lessened or not there. It is a simple technique where you are in control, you decide what you are ready to change.

You don’t need a memory

It may seem hard to believe that it’s not necessary to remember where the original feeling started. This is not counselling, the energy of how you feel is important not the event. We do not ask for details or memories because they are personal. Sometimes negative energy is formed as an infant, you do not need a memory to change the energy. There are different methods on the audio to help you locate the hidden default pattern within you.  

I don’t know how to describe what I feel

The description doesn’t always matter, connecting with the energy that presents itself and finding the root cause brings release. However, we suggest that you use a label to describe the feeling as this brings the energy forward for you to recognise change. This is not a feeling of pain as pain is a physical feeling and is providing clues that something is wrong. Look for an emotional feeling. It is not usually beneficial to release good or comfortable feelings, search for what you don’t want or don’t like.

Some labels you may use to describe how you feel:  

  • Anxiety

  • Fear 

  • Depressed

  • Overwhelmed

  • Stress 

  • Guilt

  • Sadness

  • Annoyance

  • Despair

  • Hatred

  • Jealously

  • Frustration

  • Rage

  • Blame

  • Depressed

  • Lacking Self-Confidence

  • Apathy

  • Nervous

  • Pessimism

  • Impatience

  • Anger

  • Distressed

  • Nervous

  • Loneliness

  • Uneasy

  • Dejected

  • Tense

  • Irritated

  • Grief

  • Worry  

These words are not in any order of importance they are included to guide you to understand how you might be feeling.


This is part of the key to change. Letting go of blame, guilt, justification, victimisation amongst others is difficult for some. Accepting your connection to experiences is fundamental to your success. If you feel a negative emotion, that is connected with someone or perhaps more than one, but you are feeling the response. Blame is putting the responsibility to another, accepting you cannot really know why others say or do things, you cannot think for them or know all aspects of their life experience. Blame is linked with judgement. Accepting you were part of the experience because you are holding the reaction. You cannot think for anyone else only yourself, letting go of blame brings control back to you. When you change how you feel and others cannot connect with that energy.

Judging yourself with criticism brings a negative reaction, reflecting upon yourself for self-improvement brings growth. Guilt – is the only energy you do to yourself. All other energy is sent out or received (love, anger, happiness etc). You might say, “they made me feel guilty”, and yet you react to someone’s judgement. Guilt is yours – it doesn’t Ever help you – get rid of it. Guilt implies you did something wrong, if you would change the action or words then it is a lesson, if you feel you were correct then there is not guilt.


Forgiveness is the other key to change. It is fundamental with the HERT process. Why? To forgive let’s go. The energy of forgiving is the energy of change. The reasons for any actions, words or deeds are personal; they might be directed towards you or others but the intricacies of life bring a complexity of reasons. Forgiveness does not condone words, actions or deeds, it does not say that what happened was right or acceptable. Saying that you forgive someone with words helps to let go, accepting and feeling the forgiveness lets the energy within you go permanently. 

Ripples of time

The HERT process uses a technique that shifts the energy from the past, forwards to today and sends potential into your future.

Why does my root cause go so far back?

When we are children our life is nurtured by those around us who care for us, feed us, teach us etc. Until children develop reason their truth is formed by the truth of those around them. It can be perceived perhaps like a survival instinct, but in reality, it is more complex. Let’s say for example, that your fear of snakes could have been formed as a child from your mother’s fear of snakes. Many hidden patterns are found in childhood. A repeated thought becomes a belief, evidence comes to substantiate your beliefs and this forms your truth. If it is true to you then more evidence will materialise. Patterns form, Good patterns, Restrictive patterns, Holding patterns.

How many times can I follow the Supporting Change HERT process?

Firstly, there is not limit of what is possible to change. The process works repeatedly however, we suggest that you focus on a maximum of 2 aspects each time. We also suggest you allow yourself time to process change, so perhaps at the beginning allow a week or two between sessions.  

What do I need?

We suggest that you are alone or perhaps if you prefer with a supportive friend. This is about learning about yourself. After you have listened to the recording we suggest that the following 24hours you ensure you hydrate yourself, please drink a reasonable amount, preferably water, think of your energy change as flushing through or creating flow. 


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