Life Changing Solutions Mentorship Program

Life Changing Solutions. Mentorship Program with Di Merrick


If you’ve had enough of how you are feeling and want to change quickly and easily, join me for private sessions where I include my on-line digital stress and anxiety courses, guided meditations and more. 

The personal touch offers, a one-one mentorship program. Working together over 8 weeks to support you to let go of the feelings and emotions that are affecting you. My technique (Emotional Release ER) is simple, effective and lasting; countless clients have called it, “Life Changing”.

Read Paul’s story, he’d suffered with for over 50 years with Misophonia, a life debilitating condition. He tells of his experience after his 4th session in the testimonial he wrote a year later, sharing how his ‘new normal’ has not only lasted but changed his life.

Emotions control your life, not only your relationships at home and work, but your health and even your finances. How you are feeling right now can change, but not just for a moment; my ER process releases the root cause of the emotion. When the root cause has changed, there is no foundation to build momentum, it doesn’t come back. Changing how you feel inside, changes your life outside. How You feel is so important.  

When you let go of the baggage that you carry, you have more energy, sleep improves, relationships improve and your health benefits in so many ways. Benefits also include, more confidence and self-esteem, more control of what is right for you, more self-worth and those around you benefit too.

Age is no barrier, I have clients from 18-80, who share comments such as, “life is easier” and “I’m happier in my own skin” and “why didn’t I do this years ago”.

My goal is to empower you to be who you chose to be, to have the life you want, the health you want and the relationships that you want. Letting go of reaction and becoming proactive you attain the life you want.

What is included in my 8 weeks mentorship program:

8 Weekly 1 ½ hour sessions via zoom   (First session up to 2 hours)

My Personal email – priority contact for you

Digital anxiety course

Guided meditation

Guided Stress release

2 months membership of Life Changing Solutions weekly call series


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