Why me? Why do I have to change?  

  When you blame others you lose control.

When you wait for someone else to change so that you can feel better it usually doesn’t last. When you change yourself, you are in control! You might feel that – it’s not me, they have done this or said that, But you are reacting. Releasing blame is not condoning words or actions, it's stops blame or resentment magnifying within you. When your not focused on something it subsides. Change always starts from you. 

Changing how you feel

People around you give you clues to how you feel inside. Others react differently when you change how you feel. When you try and change someone so that you feel good it doesn’t last. Leaning not to react to others and prioritising how you feel is empowering. Changing how you feel inside, changes what you perceive outside.

Mission statement


Our vision is for everyone to feel better about themselves and live a life of freedom.

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