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"I’ve learnt so so much, which has helped me with things I didn’t even realise I needed help with. I now look at life from a different perspective. I feel “lighter” - perhaps it’s getting rid of all my baggage. As you say - life is easier. " (Marion 2021)

"Fate put me in touch with the wonderful Di Merrick, I was referred to her by naturopath to deal with my emotional imbalance, I was extremely anxious and living in chaos due to various life traumas and events.  I was very sceptical but my mind was blown during our first session where I could literally visualise change happening, after all of the sessions I feel that Di has given me the strategies to tackle the world.  Although I do not understand how, Di has really changed  my life." (Mandy. R 2021)

Pauls Story.  Misophonia


You’ve probably never heard of Misophonia (and neither had I until fairly recently when it was officially recognized and classified) but, along with my dad and sisters, I suffered from it for 50+ years of my life. Misophonia is a condition whereby certain sounds provoke a strong, negative, emotional reaction. These ‘trigger’ sounds are often related to the mouth, such as eating, slurping, chewing, talking while eating and so on, but can also be rustling a crisp bag, unwrapping a sweet, stirring a cup of tea, and many other sounds that most (normal) people wouldn’t even notice. The reactions to the sounds typically include anger and violent impulses (towards the perpetrator), panic, an urgent need to leave the room, or if you can’t leave, some tenuous coping mechanism. As you can imagine, this could be very socially disruptive, and definitely not conducive to happy family mealtimes!


However, like so many things in life that we've never known to be any different - like our thoughts, beliefs, home-lives, habits, etc - we accept them as our normal, and so I naturally learned to navigate through life simply trying to avoid punching anyone who happened to be eating near me. That is until I met Di and 'Supporting Change’. Di, and Nicky, have helped me in so many ways but one of the most stark and instantly noticeable changes occurred after my 3rd or 4th session. I hadn’t gone to work on the Misophonia issue at all by the way, after all I’d had 50 years of learning to live with it - it was simply “how I was” - but during that session some, presumably underlying factor, shifted.


To cut a long story short, a couple of days after the energy-release I was on a plane to the US. Planes can be especially stressful environments (close proximity of many people who seemingly want to noisily eat the crunchiest of foods for the entire flight, plus there’s no escape), and the woman next to me reached into her bag and pulled out a family-size bag of crisps. I instinctively scrambled for my noise-cancelling headphones so I could drown out the sounds with loud music, but my neighbour beat me to it. Before I could even unzip the case she’d indulged herself with a handful of thick-cut salt n vinegar. Initially I panicked because I was afraid of my reaction (never an ideal situation on a plane) but to my absolute amazement it didn’t bother me in the slightest. This was mind-blowing. I sat mesmerized and with tentative disbelief watched, and listened, to her munching through the whole bag. Then, in what felt like an emphatic encore, she pulled out a crispy granny smith and crunched and slurped her way through that, and again no adverse reaction in me at all. I simply can’t express how in-awe I was of how this felt.


I can’t stress how stunned I am by my new ‘normal’ state. A year on it has significantly changed my life, improved all my relationships, made me a much more easy-going, pleasant person to be around; and all from a few sessions with Di. As I said, I’ve experienced many other developments since working with ’Supporting Change', but this one is a great example of how it’s possible (and easy) to change something that's been ‘my normal’ for as long as I could remember.

Paul C

Anchor paul

Carlie's Story Psoriasis.


Dealing with psoriasis most my life, using lotions and potions to try fix a problem. I met Di totally by mistake but learning what she did has helped me in more ways I could imagine! Di made me realise I needed to release emotionally, in all sorts of ways I didn’t realise. From anxiety, pain, anger, frustration, feeling let down with broken promises! She’s made me see that I built a great big brick wall of defence…… Di taught me to let go……. Be happy and forgive, to deal with situations.


The pictures show happiness from inside out, and that’s All from Di’s help with emotional release and how I’ve learnt to breakdown that great big wall.


It’s taught me I’d say that, it’s pretty much emotional, and that every now and again I have a blip, I notice my skin flares. That’s no difference in lotions or diet, purely emotional.


Honestly, I’ve gone from every steroid cream, gel, even been offered chemotherapy drugs for autoimmune system on NHS, make you infertile and can’t have a drink, It’s scary when a few sessions with you has helped so much more, not just for my skin on the outside. Di you’ve helped me in so many different ways I could write a book.


(Carlie 2020)

Carlie Stroy

Self confidence, Anxiety and Stress.

After my supporting change session with Di, I've been able to do something that I'd never been able to do before 'be true to myself' I didn't even know what that felt like. I'm 34 yrs old and for as long as I can remember I've had issues with self confidence, anxiety and stress. As I didn't know any different I just thought it was part of me and learnt to live with it. Until just recently when things got to much for me to continue ignoring them! So Di suggested a session with her. I can't find the words to describe how it felt at the time but I can say that I felt an instant change. I felt 'lighter' and more relaxed. I was more in tune with myself and for the first time didn't have all the negative stuff floating round my head, holding me back anymore! I've already started to see big changes in my life and people are being different towards me. I am more positive and it's helped me find out who I really am. I still have the odd 'blip' but it's no where near as bad and now I have the tools to work through these myself thanks to Di's amazing work. I'll be forever grateful, Di has changed my life xx

Beverly U.   - March 2016

Financial Stress

In 2016 I started working with Di. During this time I was buying a new house and was particularly concerned about making my mortgage repayments each month, I found that it was taking away the fun and excitement of buying my new house and the worry of such a big mortgage was keeping me awake at night. Whilst doing the workshop I took part in a Hidden Energy Release Technique, where i focused on letting go of my worry. After completing the release I felt like a different person, I no longer worry about my mortgage payments at all. I write this 18 months later not recognising how I felt. I have recently started full time work, in fact I didn't even have to look for it as it was offered to me.


Huge thanks to Di for taking me through the process I can now live without that worry.

Angela  P -May 2016

Sleep and Energy Improved.

I cannot believe the difference that my first telephone session with Supporting Change and Di has made to me.  She talked me through a simple, very effective technique and the results have been amazing.  My quality of sleep has improved, I feel like a weight has been removed from my shoulders, giving me a more positive outlook on life, new energy and self-motivation.

Di tells me that changes will continue for a couple of weeks, and I am confident that I can continue to improve how I feel by changing my thoughts.  Thank you Di and I look forward to working with you again soon. 

I can't believe how much better I'm feeling and can see that I'm approaching life from a different, more positive perspective. My stress and anxiety levels have lowered considerably, despite a challenging week at work. 


I feel that I'm the beginning of a new journey and I'm looking forward to seeing where it takes me!



Vanessa H  - March 2017

A Husbands Relief.

My wife has had a few release sessions and I have noticed a big difference in her, more confident, more relaxed and far less 'Bat Shit Crazy'.  S.

Physical Condition Gone.

About 6 months ago I Contacted Supporting Change went to see Di, not knowing what to expect but with an open heart and mind. I’d got some issues going on which were causing me to be very stressed and anxious. One of the ways this was showing itself was when I sat down of an evening to watch some television, my leg was constantly bouncing up and down. Now please bear in mind, although the severity of this is quite recent, I have always had this particular symptom for some years. It even happened at work whilst I was on the phone. Needless to say, it was getting on my family’s nerves because it was shaking things making them rattle. I was very often not even aware I was doing it.


So, here I am not knowing what to expect but trusting Di completely. She worked with me and I haven’t done the bouncing since!!!! Ask Di for help, you will not regret it. I felt 10 feet tall afterwards. On returning to Di for another matter, she commented on how my leg has not bounced once. I’d completely forgotten about it and what it was like. I don’t understand how this simple process works, I just had faith in Di to help me. We don’t need to know the why, that’s the beauty of it, we can just glory in the new!!! It’s so simple, but my goodness the effect is profound and life changing. It’s so liberating. This is just one of my journeys with Di and I’m sure I will have many more. You will have your own journeys – enjoy them!!!!

S.G  May 2018

Fear of Driving.

I worked with DI and and I was both honoured and proud to give something back, by helping to make the video for Supporting Change.

Please bear in mind that I hate having my photo taken.

I have to say that my self esteem has always been on the low side, sometimes non-existent.

You don’t realise how trapped you are, until Di uses her simple process to help you, help yourself.

I didn’t feel pressured or vulnerable, just very curious. I’m sure some of you will feel exactly the same.

I have a fear of driving anywhere that I don’t know, afraid that I will get lost. My hands will get clammy and my neck rigid, which you can imagine the impact that has on your body and mind. Di and I worked together, and for me, it’s better with my eyes closed. This is where another of my journeys began.

When it was time to go home, I still wasn’t anxious and fearful of the journey home. This would have been the “normal” for me. I even took a couple of wrong turns on the way home, because I was unsure what the Sat Nav was telling me to do. I had no clammy hands or stiff neck, in fact, I had no reaction at all!!! . I actually enjoyed the journey home and the simple pleasure of driving. I even took pleasure in defying the Sat Nav because I wanted to go a different way.

The session with Di, as simple as it is, helped me to help myself, set me, free. Now, I ask myself where can I go next. I believe there are endless possibilities now.

As with my previous session 6 months ago, I felt 10 feet tall, I hope in taking this simple journey, you can find your own 10 feet tall.

I have felt a profound change that I cannot begin to understand or explain.

But, again we don’t need to know the why, we can just enjoy the “new old you”.

This is how I feel  - Empowered to change – if I can only convey a fraction of the wonderment of discovery that I am feeling, then I feel I will have done Di’s work justice.

All I can say is take the chance to find what is best for you, we’re all different and have different goals and aspirations, but surely a common goal is to be true to you and be happy. Di can help you find that truth. I will Definitely be seeing Di and Supporting Change again.

S.G  June 2018

More Confidence, More Relaxed.

I have suffered with anxiety for a very long time and over the years I have spent several hours in GP offices seeking help. I have tried several conventional methods  from counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to medication, however, despite all of these interventions the anxiety never completely disappeared, it was always part of me and would often build and build especially during stressful periods. Six months ago I was at the end of my tether. Having exhausted all of the recommended treatments, Although sceptical, I felt I had nothing to lose. I had no idea what the cause of my anxieties were, but was assured it didn't matter. I'm so glad I put my trust in the process, three sessions on and I am a different person, in fact I noticed the changes in my behaviour immediately after the first session.  We are actually getting to the bottom of my anxieties and therefore are dealing with them appropriately. Can't recommend Supporting Change enough. 


Ms D - 2019

Stress and Anxiety.

After 2 consultations


I was suffering a lot with anxiety and low-mood, from things that had happened in my life. I knew the two things were affecting me but I didn’t know how to deal with it. Previously I had some counselling, it didn’t help, it didn’t work for me. I was told I had post-natal depression and a form of OCD, like traumatic stress disorder. Afterwards, I left it for a while and I didn’t do anything and I got really low.


Coming to see you has really helped a lot. I felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, it was straight away. I let go of emotions that I needed to and that feeling that was in my tummy – that knot – it was sad, I was upset with sadness. My thought processes are different now, I think about things a lot different.


I would 100% recommend it, at first I felt how can something like that help with how bad I’m feeling right now. How can anybody make me feel happy again and think about things differently, – so thank you


I’m really happy, I’m more positive, I understand where I didn’t before, where I would feel sad and hurt and almost numb, I feel I have let go of all that, I remember the good times I had with her and not the accident. I can move on with my life now.


My anxiety is a lot better, I feel like me. Everybody, family friends and partner have noticed a big change in me, I’m happy.



And after 6 consultations


I used to carry everyone else’s problems on my shoulders and now I don’t anymore, I feel like I’m my own person. My confidence has improved and we haven’t worked on that. My migraines have improved because I don’t feel the tension anymore.


I value myself now – what I used to do was care about what other people thought of me. My appearance for one thing I would be in the gym every night, fake tan, hair immaculate and clothes shopping twice a week, because I cared what other people thought of me and looked at me. Now it’s not that I don’t care, but I care for myself and my family and not others. I want to get fit and healthy now for me, I want to feel healthier because I care about myself. I’m happy inside.


I was doing things to make everyone else happy, to please other people and make them happy. I’ve noticed the people that I was doing things for, the people I worry about, now I am happier in myself, they are a lot happier around me.


Even my partner says I have a spark that I didn’t have before.

(S.R. 2020)

Through my work as a Wellness Consultant, I recently had the pleasure of working alongside Di.


Di was recruited as part of a team of experts to work on a complex case. It was clearly evident from the time Di began working the patient that immediate improvements were noted and this continued throughout the course of the treatments.


In the patient’s own words “I haven’t off loaded this much before ever, since my sessions with Di I feel so much more happier, I’ve let go of so much. I feel so much more willing and positive".


The results of Dis work have been above all expectations and I would not hesitate to recommend her. It was really an honor to work alongside her and to be mentored by her.


On a personal level, after only a couple of sessions with Di and a joint session with Di and Nikki I’ve had major breakthroughs. Nikki & Di have guided me safely with kindness, compassion and professionalism. I will forever be grateful for their guidance, support and friendship.


Thank you so much for all that you've done — I only hope I can return the favor sometime in the future. 


Deeply inspired with Gratitude

Cara@ ENERG HUB…..


THANX sooooooooooooo Much Cara xxxxx


"Gosh, I wasn't expecting that Di!  Quite mind blowing!

Thank you so much for your incredible patience and insight"

Anon.  2021.

"I'm made up, highly recommended to whoever wants to try. I'd been over tired and energy depleted over time, my back's been painful for years. 

After working with Di the pain has gone. She was intuitive and tailored to me and my friends. It was insightful. 

Afterwards I felt great, I slept better and the next day my back was still fine, no pain. 

I loved working with Di, I want more." 

(J.C. 2022

"Di came into my life at a time of need. As the saying go’s ‘the teacher appears when the student is ready’ I did an intensive period of emotional release therapy which helped to ease anxiety and allow me to let go of the past and finally be able to live in the present moment. I am able to see things now in a more positive way. Di has taught me how to connect and trust myself and my higher power. When you learn more about how the world and our life works, you can learn to adjust your mental and physical behaviour to be more in alignment with it, and creative a happier environment for yourself."

(Lauren 2021)

"Before I met Di (who came recommended highly) I was holding onto last situations that caused me pain and anxiety in terms of stress, a feeling of lack of control, deep self-confidence issues and a general lack of lust for life. 

Working with Di taught me how to let go of the build up stress, thoughts and emotions and allow me to gain control of my life again. Di used her tailored emotional release techniques. We don’t close the door on the past, we just learn to accept and live with it, in a way that allows us to live our life with a new and different perspective. Very grateful to have met Di. Very comforting and helpful, any time and place. Worth her weight in gold". 

(L.J. 2022)

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